Take That

17 מרץ, 2010 ב- 21:59 | פורסם באנגלית, סמנטיקה, ראיתי-שמעתי, תחביר | 2 תגובות

I was deeply inspired by today's Dinosaur Comics. Particularly, of course, T-Rex's recursive algorithm for longer and longer repetitions of the word "that" ad nauseum. But then I thought to myself, "that" is a many splendored word. It can serve not only as a determiner but also as a pronoun, and as a complementizer in various sentential positions. So here is my modest extension of T-Rex's masterpiece, featuring five consecutive and distinct "that"s:

I know that that that "that "that"" is a rad phrase annoys her.

Or maybe even six:

I know that, that that that "that "that"" is a rad phrase annoys her.

That word kind of loses meaning when you read it a couple of times. Syntactic tree of the first version is available after the jump (no X-bar. Sorry).

True, this may not be as impressive as the Buffalo bonanza, but that one has both proper names and repetitions (in fact, only three different meanings of "buffalo" are at play).

that that that

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  1. You're trying to lure Ryan North here using ancient-looking trees? Is that why you called this post "Take That", because it's one big 90's throwback?

    Anyway, T-Rex would never have uttered these sentences because they're hard to process, and T-Rex is a pretty processable dude.

    (You are a good friend, Pinter, and I'm really sorry if I'm too critical sometimes)

  2. […] רק ריאן נורת', סלע קיומנו ואדם נוח לצטט, שם לב. נראה שגם שאר האינטרנט, אם לשפוט מההשלמה […]

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