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So this time (last Wednesday, June 2) BBC's World Have Your Say called me up AND I could find the recording later (the whole show is here and will not be available for long).

It was about the peace activistsGaza flotilla, following an article by Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger (daughter-of) saying she's ashamed of Israel because of its actions revolving the incident. By the time I was called on the show, they had about 7 or 8 speakers, all but two of whom were in general pro-Israeli (including the professor herself). They left me nothing to say, and so I resorted to nitpicking against the caller before me, a radical leftist Jewish American activist named Rebecca.

Since I wasn't really addressing the focus of the show, I was most justifiably cut short mid-rambling. Enjoy:

Yuval On BBC Radio, June 2 2010

(That's not me pushing a touch-tone key at 1:51, by the way)

Method of attaining global fame this time: Commenting on WHYS's Facebook status.

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