Subjective Graphs: TV comedies progression

27 ספטמבר, 2010 ב- 21:54 | פורסם באנגלית, יצירתי, תרבות | 3 תגובות
Following is my opinion of twelve TV shows (session #1: Comedy), and one bonus comic strip, as they progress through their seasons.The x-axis is the season. The y-axis is the quality, and it is relative to each show, 10 being its peak (i.e. each show reaches 10 at some point) and 7 being the other significant barrier: shows below 7 are unsuitable for (my) viewing. This does not mean I haven't watched 6-and-under seasons – of course I did, or else I couldn't rate them – but I was hoping for them to crawl back up from the depths. As these charts show, I was being painfully naïve (bar one exception – Family Guy's 6th season slump).

So again, this is not a statistic made to simply compare show quality, but rather compare flow: which shows started at the top, which managed to end things before dropping too low, and which are miserably opening their 22nd season these very days despite being unwatchable since the turn of the millennium.

Note: the show grouping is for your viewing convenience alone.

Enjoy, and contest much.


Simpsons, Seinfeld, Friends, Scrubs

Simpsons, Seinfeld, Friends, Scrubs

2: (for xkcd, a "season" is 100 strips, so the eighth is set to end in four days; HIMYM is "How I Met Your Mother"; and yes, I know I'm behind on my The Office)

Family Guy, HIMYM, The Office (US), xkcd

Family Guy, HIMYM, The Office (US), xkcd

3: (impossible to tell: Coupling starts at 10-10-10)


Coupling (UK), 30 Rock, Blackadder, Arrested Development, Krovim Krovim

Coupling (UK), 30 Rock, Blackadder, Arrested Development, Krovim Krovim

Legend: circle – show ended; arrow – still on air.

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  1. 1. Blackadder's proper rating is 5-9-8-10.
    2. You short changed Arrested Development.
    3. Where would the Drew Carey show fit here? The first few seasons were very clever. I'm picturing a plot between 30 Rock and HIMYM.
    4. Every month some wiseass else tells me "You know, xkcd just isn't as good as it used to be". That's bull. xkcd is highly consistent, cf. strips 798, 787, 765, 734, etc. In fact, it can be shown that any "season 7" xkcd strip can be reduced to a "season 3" strip. We leave this as an exercise for the reader.

  2. […] אוהב את רוק 30 (סימוכין). יש שם הומור מוזר, בלתי-צפוי. וכמה מהדמויות שם פשוט […]

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