Translation Errors, Sans Explanation

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Perhaps inspired by this collection of PR photos without the accompanying press release, I believe non-Hebrew speakers might find this following list amusing: some of the examples I've come across and taken the trouble of writing down, of horrendous Hebrew subtitling of English dialogue in TV and film. Some mistakes may be easy to figure out, some are not fair of me because I'm also leaving out context, others will hopefully keep you flat-out stumped.

If you do understand Hebrew, it might be more fun starting here before looking for the explanation in any of the posts (Hebrew) where I do explain the (sometimes conjectured) origins.

So here they are, in no particular order (last updated: Dec. 12, 2011):

TV shows:

Show English Hebrew subtitle (my re-translation)
Sex and the City the Lennox Lewis fight the fight between Lennox and Lewis
Entourage Are you Indian now? Are you a Native American now?
How I met Your Mother demeaning demanding
Family Guy women's retreat women's shelter
Cleveland thrifty thriving
American Dad! boysenberry pancakes boys and blueberry pancakes
The Simpsons Boy, is my face red That irritates me
the protagonist the antagonist
strangle struggle
Futurama phone carrier phone case
Friends I call shotgun! I'll call a plumber!
my fish my face
That 70's show bitchin' damn it
They don't let me hang out around the bleachers They don't let me hang out near the cool kids
Life On Mars (UK) want to go to the pictures? want to go see pictures?
CSI: Las Vegas scent accent
refine search define search
30 Rock heroes turning in communists heroes turning into communists
struck by lightning struck by the lighting pole
lady airline pilots "Lady Airline" pilots
pageant girls pregnant girls
Seinfeld I don't know, got a two in Zagat's I don't know, I have a reservation for two at Zagat's
Frasier global warming central heating


Film English Hebrew subtitle (my re-translation)
Armageddon Roger that How will that help?
The Depraved (1957) how's tricks? How's (a person named) Tricks?
A King in New York contempt content
Zelig I hate the country (-side) I hate the country (=state)
socialites socialists
it can be traced to it can be tracked by
the great potato famine the great potato
Leonard struck him and the other doctors with a rake Leonard struck him and the other doctors with the change he had undergone
(title; completely idiomatic in modern-day usage) (a civilization, feminine in Hebrew) Gone with the Wind (masculine) Gone with the Wind

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  1. אני לא יודעת אם יותר מתאים להגיב ב"נחמד" או ב"מזעזע"…
    בסרט החדש של החבובות יש תרגום של morale support ל"תמיכה מוסרית".

  2. יא זבאלוש, תן את הרשימה גם עם הכתוביות העבריות בעברית.

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