Series of tubes

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In 2006 (here I go, topical as ever) Senator Ted Stevens made his infamous "series of tubes" gaffe, winning him eternal ridicule.

My pet theory for Stevens's misconception has been that he'd heard of Youtube (the timeframe checks out; this is about the time it started emerging) and mis-analyzed it as "U-tube", a serial letter coding a type of tube. Generalizing, the whole Internet must be a series of the A-tube, B-tube, 1-tube and HL/9-tube, no?

I recently tried searching for some verification to this theory, or at least fellow holders of this opinion. To my surprise, I found none. Stevens himself did not give this as an explanation, but I assume it would have been an embarrassing admission the higher Youtube's popularity soared. When asked, he claimed some Internet mavens actually gave him positive feedback for the tube description (equating tubes with "pipes"). Sadly, we can't ask him anymore.

Are you a fellow U-tube-theorist?

Do you know of any?

Alternatively, can you clearly refute this theory?

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  1. בלי קשר, היום קשת מכריזה במודעות ענק שהיא מחלקת תחתיות "פלייסמנט" חינם לקראת העונה החדשה של מאסטרשף.

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