Welcome to Blazing Hyphens (Makafim Lohatim), a blog whose name sounds better in Hebrew (even more so than in Yiddish!). This blog is a rather random assortment of quirks, ponders (is that a valid noun?) and observations I make. Since language is my main passion, most of the posts revolve around the meaningless parts of linguistics. I also write meaningful squibs (sometimes with more-than-just-google research!) which I post at Dagesh Kal, the Israeli answer to Language Log. In addition, I overuse parentheses.

My short bio: Yuval Pinter (b. 1984) is a Research Engineer at Yahoo LabsResearch about to begin a PhD course of studies at Georgia Tech.  Yuval graduated from the Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students at Tel Aviv University with a BSc. in Mathematics and Computer Science and an MA in Linguistics. Happily married to Moran, father of Inbal and Keren, and owning Kesem.


Here (March 2016).

Serious Homepage with Serious Publications and Stuff:

Here on Yahoo Research. And here's my Scholar page.

Israeli Media Analysis using ML (Ongoing project w/ The Seventh Eye):

Abstract at ISCOL 2015, Code and data.

Posts written elsewhere:

State of the Union ngrams – Language Log guest post (also on Yahoo Labs tumblr)

Undirected Graph of incomprehensibility – question answered on Language Log

Real Users, Real Questions, Real Time – introducing the Yahoo/TREC LiveQA challenge (Yahoo Labs tumblr). Elsewhere: challenge homepage, code

That is so NOT book – autocorrect myth busting (Yahoo Labs tumblr)

NLP Techniques in service of Search – summary of our contribution at CIKM 2014 (Yahoo Labs tumblr)

Posts written here in English:

Perfect Ambiguity (when instructions only make things worse)

Series of tubes (I tube. Do U?)

The Fastest Dash (when have the 100-meter runners been better than the 200-meter runners?)

Translation Errors compendium (without any accompanying explanation!)

Attempted Peace (about Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize)

Take that (about the versatility of the word "that")

4Shame (celebrating my third appearance on BBC Radio's World Have Your Say)

Getting ready for Barcelona… (let's say, "gender differences")

Principles, Parameters and the 14th Amendment (recruiting Linguistics to solve constitutional crises)

Subjective Graphs: TV comedies progression (too much procrastination)

Textless posts:i

Our Wedding Dance (the action starts at 0:58)

Our Skydiving (actual dive at 0:26)

Posts translated into English:i


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Why yes, he did.

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  1. […] work for strings in different lengths, but lines 5-7 take care of that for us. (This my colleague Yuval Pinter’s insight. […]

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